A stroll around the harbour of Saint-Tropez, France

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Where did I leave my yacht?

We’re off on the next leg of our road trip and leave Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and head south-east to Villefranche-sur-Mer. Although, not before we take a detour to Saint-Tropez, then cruise along the French Riviera. Ok, so we’ll be driving.

Harbour view and fishing boats, St Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez is one of those places for me whereby, I’m intrigued to see it and experience it, but I’m not too sure if I’d want to stay overnight. Or will this little taster change my mind?

Short walk

We parked up reasonably easily, there’s a huge car park on the sea-front that is only a few minutes’ walk to Saint-Tropez harbour & town.

Across the harbour, St Tropez, France

When we strolled around to the old harbour, my immediate reaction was wow. The huge yachts are almost within touching distance of people eating their lunch. Moored right up against the harbour’s edge. Boy, there’s some money here!

Mooring up, St Tropez, France

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Did you know?

If you're heading east from Saint Tropez you must take in the Corniche d'Or, also known as the Corniche de l'Esterel. This stunning coastal road runs on the D559 from Saint-Raphaël towards Cannes.

Not just yachts

Although, my fascination with the water continues and I can’t help myself but keep staring across the bay. The old town of Saint-Tropez encircling the quay is very picturesque.

Artists along the quayside, St Tropez, France

Artists gather to tempt you with their local paintings, and there are some fascinating sculptures dotted around that distract you from the yachts bobbing in the harbour.

A Citroen exhibit, St Tropez, France

Only France

Lovely boutiques, curio shops and galleries large & small enticing you in.

So tempting, St Tropez, France

And the scene that I’ve now come to associate so much with this region of France. The houses painted in different shades of ochre & pink, with their pastel window shutters and the balconies teetering above. Oh, I love France.

Quai Jean Jaures, St Tropez, France

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We continue to stroll around to the harbour edge, towards the 15th-century Portalet defence tower. As we climb the harbour wall, we’re treated to a breathtaking view across the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, with the mountainous backdrop in the distance.

A Portalet Tower, St Tropez, France

I know the weather is incredible along the French Riviera; however, the scenery and clear blue seas are wonderful, there really is no surprise why it’s so popular here.

Gulf of Saint-Tropez, St Tropez, France

Have You

Visited any beautiful towns or villages in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France that you’d love to share? I’ll add them to my wish-list?

Shoulders out

What did make me smile was seeing that the domineering superyachts hadn’t quite muscled in everywhere. The tiny little fishing boats stood their ground.

An old fishing boat, St Tropez, France

Pit stop

We skipped lunch in Saint-Tropez as time was pressing and we knew we had a reasonable drive ahead, weaving our way along the Corniche d’Or. So, we grabbed a baguette and found a place to stop en-route with a stunning view.

A nice spot for lunch, St Tropez, France

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Where did I leave it?

I knew I left something in Saint Tropez, now where’s my yacht?

A rather nice yacht, St Tropez, France

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A stroll around the harbour of Saint-Tropez, France

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