Righting a wrong: A visit to the Audi Museum, Ingolstadt

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So let me explain the ‘wrong.’

In 2001 I purchased my first Audi; a TT Roadster. That started a love affair with the brand that lasts to this day. Janis joined me in 2003 with her S3, and she’s currently on her third one. I guess the love is infectious.

My first Audi - back in 2001

So I felt very wrong when as part of our 2016 Christmas road trip, I visited the Mercedes Museum.

Mercedes-Benz Museum - Stuttgart

This wrong needed to be righted.

A crafted opportunity

Therefore, when organising our 2017 Christmas road trip, and planning the route, I noticed we passed Ingolstadt, the home of Audi since the reformation of Auto Union in 1949.

This was going to be an opportunity not to be missed.

Müchner Christkindlmarkt, Munich, Germany

The route from Munich to Frankfurt was a mere 244miles/392km and would take a little over 4 hours; surely we can afford a minor detour?

We could.

Parking on-site

<p>Unlike the Mercedes Museum, parking on site was free of charge - you just need to present your parking ticket to reception.</p>


Being the geek that I am, I may have watched one or two of Audi’s launch videos that featured the old town of Ingolstadt. It looks like another Bavarian delight, a gothic masterpiece that played a pivotal role in Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’.

However time was against us, and I had one thing on my mind, the Audi Museum, we’d have to skip the scenic town.

The Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Sitting a little outside the old town, and close to Audi manufacturing plant, we parked up in eager anticipation.

Inside the Museum

So we strolled into the reception area. Now, it was a Tuesday morning, just before lunchtime, but the place seemed quite quiet. The asking price was €2 each; the Mercedes Museum was €10 – I think we were in for something less, errmmm, “Showy”.

1914 Wanderer 2hp Motorbike, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

As in the Mercedes Museum, you take the elevator/lift to the top floor and walk through history back down to the shop. The difference is that the journey is somewhat shorter hear at Audi.

The Horch 12 Type 670 Sports Convertible 1931, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Now I’ve already used the G-word, Geek – yep that’s me. I like to know stuff, always have – imagine how annoying I was as a kid in the pre-Google world, asking my parents how barcodes worked!

Wanderer W25K Roadster - 1936, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, GermanyThe interior of Wanderer W25K Roadster, Audi Museum, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Anyway, in a modern world, I already knew a reasonable amount about Audi.

How August Horch, set-up a car company called Horch, fell out with his backers, set up his own business, couldn’t use his name (which roughly translates into “listen”) so translated it into Latin and came up with Audi – you know, as in Audio. (So you know the right way to say Audi now – except I still say Owww – di, like so many Brits).

A classic Audi engine, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

I also knew the four ring represented an amalgamation of Audi, Horch, DKW & Wander into Auto Union – all the brands are covered at the Museum.

An Audi fan?

Are you an Audi fan, or do you know somebody who is?  Then this could be right up your street - Four Rings: The Audi Story

Dealing with the past

Like Mercedes, the museum acknowledges the part the company played in the World War II, and it’s collaboration with the National Socialists.

Part of Audi's war effort, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Although Audi’s story differs in that the outcome of the post-war repatriations placed its headquarters in Soviet-controlled Eastern Germany. Therefore Auto Union evaporated and was reborn in Ingolstadt.

The interior of the Auto Union 1000 SP , Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany
Auto Union 1000, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

From the ashes of the phoenix-like rebirth is now the company we know as Audi.

All shiney, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Find out more

For more information you can always visit the Audi Museum Mobile website.

The new Audi

Like so many car companies it forged its reputation in motorsport. But not open wheeled single-seaters, no.

Audi Quattro S1, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

It first came to prominence in the rally stages of the world and brought us all-wheel-drive to road cars, then to the touring car circuits of the world before dominating World Endurance Racing at events like Le Mans & Sebring.

Audi V8 Quattro DTM, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, GermanyThe Le Mans winning Audi R8, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

It was these cars I fell in love in my youth.

The original Audi Quattro, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Now, I tend to go for the classics

Auto Union 16 cyclinder racing monster, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

And it’s great to see them in action at events like the Goodwood Revival, or the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Auto Union Streamliner, Goodwood, Festival of Speed, UK

So is it worth it?

As an Audi fan, yes. As a fan of German automotive history yes, was it as good as the Mercedes Museum? Errrrmm No – but at least I had righted a wrong.

Audi - Vorsprung durch Technik, Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Have You

Visited Ingolstadt? Was it to visit the museum, or to soak up the local history? What should we look out for next time we visit the town?

Inspired to visit The Audi Museum in Ingolstadt?

I hear the town of Ingolstadt is lovely, however, we didn't stop here, but we will be back as we discover more of Bavaria. Ingolstadt is only  50miles/80km  from Munich so you can also visit from there. 

Image Righting a wrong: A visit to the Audi Museum, Ingolstadt

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