The road bridge, Essoyes, France

Bar to Bar in a car, a Champagne route

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Champagne Route, Aube

The ‘Route touristque du Champagne’ in Aube, France is a 220km (137 miles) tour which will revitalise your senses.

The endless undulating vineyards from Bar-sur-Seine to Bar-sur-Aube are breath-taking.

More details of the route can be found on the The Comité Champagne site

Our very own route looks like this. We stopped at Bar-sur-Seine & Essoyes

A helpful guide

If like us, you love visiting different regions of France then this Michelin guide will definitely assist in your planning.

We used a previous version of this book to plan our eastern France road trips, now you can grab the revised copy.


You can embark on the journey from anywhere along the route, as it is essentially a convoluted loop. We were based in Troyes so the first town we headed to was Bar-sur-Seine 32km (20 miles) away.
This charming little town was just the start of our adventure.

16th century Timbered House, Bar-sur-Seine, France
St Stephen’s church, Bar-sur-Seine, France

Vineyards as far as the eye can see

The route can be completed in a day, but it depends on how many of the picturesque towns and winegrowing villages you want to stroll around along the way.

Also if you wish you can incorporate a visit to a Champagne winegrower.

The peaceful roads make the driving very pleasant and it encourages you to take your time to admire the vines that endlessly roll along the skyline.

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A Renoir memory

Essoyes is a lovely picturesque village on the banks of the Ource river.

La Maison des Renoir, Essoyes, France

Memories of Renoir can be seen throughout the village along the ‘Chemins de Renoir’.

Dance in the Country, Renior, Essoyes, France
Gabrielle and Jean, Renior, Essoyes, France

Essoyes cemetery

Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his wife, are both laid to rest along with their family in the small cemetery on the outskirts of the village.

This includes their son Jean Renoir, the film director.

Gravestone of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Essoyes, France

A river runs through it

Running through the centre of the charming village of Essoyes is the Ource river, adorned with floral displays and cafes.

Saint Remy Church, Essoyes, France
The road bridge, Essoyes, France
The foot bridge, Essoyes, France

Roses and vines

A brief stop in Colombe-la-Fosse to decide on which winding route to take next.

Roses on the end of the vineyard, Champagne, France

Sometimes you may see roses planted at the end of vines, this is because roses are susceptible to the same mildew diseases as vines. Therefore, the roses can act as an early warning sign to the wine growers.

Audi pit stop, Champagne, France

You may also want to take a detour off to Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, to visit the burial site of Charles de Gaulle.
Heading along the route further, you can see why this part of the world draws people back time and time again.

Have You?

Taken a champagne route in your car? Did you come back with more than you started? Here's to the fizz

Inspired to try the Bar-to-Bar Champagne route?

Why not enjoy the southern end of the Champagne region?

We were based at Troyes, not far to join the route.

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Bar to Bar in a car, a Champagne route

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