A bottle of German Beer and our German stein, from cuckcooclocks.com, in front of our roaring fireplace.

Sharing memories over a German beer

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Biergartens, steins and pretzels

Ahhh, Germany, there are so many things we love about Germany. We often find ourselves reminiscing around some of our memorable experiences or people we’ve met.

Our minds drift back to us, sharing bench-tables in Brauhaus's with welcoming, friendly locals. Discussing where our German road trips have led us and often picking up tips and advice for future travels.

A view of the large, half-timbered, buildings that edge the pedestrianised Marktplatz with its sunken water feature, ice cream shop with tables & chairs outside.
Marktplatz and Tanzhaus, Nördlingen, Germany
During one of our earlier visits to Cologne, a guy from Frankfurt recommended that we visit the beautiful walled town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber; it was truly scrumptious.

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A view of a split in the cobbled lane leading from Rothenburg ob der Tauber main town square to one of the gate towers at dusk under a blue sky.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Going with the flow

We’ve tried to singalong to an oom-pah jukebox and hitched a ride on a conga train around a busy bar. Conversely, we also just enjoy being a fly on the wall, soaking up the jovial atmosphere and savouring the local brew from a German beer stein.
The beer signs of the selection of ales available in Altes Gasthaus Leve. The range of beers offers a choice from around Germany, including a local ale.

A range of beers in Altes Gasthaus Leve, Münster

The elusive beer stein

There’s something to be said about the delicious combination of a stein of beer and the saltiness of a doughy knotted pretzel; they work so well together. It feels right somehow drinking from an earthenware mug and raising a German beer stein to say prost and soaking it up with a pretzel.
Janis holding a German Stein in our very own Biergarten

Janis & our Zöller & Born Stein from Cuckooclocks.com

I remember when we stayed in the pretty town of Füssen in Bavaria; perhaps it was because we had just visited the magical Schloss Neuschwanstein. Still, I nearly bought a German Beer Stein then. The store was full of colourful steins, wooden smokers and cuckoo-clocks.
Looking up at Schloss Neuschwanstein against a backdrop of the wooded mountains of Bavaria.
Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany
I thought, hey, I’ll buy one at the next destination we visit, but I didn’t, it was such a missed opportunity. So, to have a German beer stein now, we can raise a mug for St. Patrick’s Day in the comfort of our own biergarten and journey vicariously through our memories.
A bottle of German Beer and our German stein, from cuckcooclocks.com, in front of our roaring fireplace.

A German Pils and our  German stein from Cuckcooclocks.Com

German Beer Steins

So, would you like your own German beer stein? Browse through the family-owned business Cuckoo Clocks website and discover their vast selection of steins; they have over 400 to choose from.

Why not grab yourself a decorative beer stein and enjoy a slice of Germany in your own home.

Warm memories of Cologne

We’ve been visiting Germany for many years now. We love discovering the differences from region to region and especially the types of brewers. In Cologne, for example, they produce a local tipple named kölsch.
Two sides of a beer mat we brought back from Cologne with the detail of Rothenburg ob der Tauber handwritten on the reverse side.
The beer mat from Cologne
Kölsch is typically served in tall cylindrical glass called a “stange” that holds 0.2 litres of liquid. Sit back and enjoy watching the bar staff weaving amongst the revellers carrying their round trays overflowing with kölsch for their thirsty patrons.
Inside the Christmas decorated Bierhaus en d'r Salzgass, a traditional Kolsch pub with beer barrel on the bar.
The bar at Bierhaus en d'r Salzgass, Cologne, Germany

I highly recommend a visit to the Bierhaus en d'r Salzgass in Cologne it has a fantastic atmosphere. It was here that we first witnessed how your running ‘bar tab’ was marked up on your own beermat (I hadn’t previously seen this in the UK).

Plus, when you’ve finished drinking, place your beermat on top of your glass to signify that you want to pay up. If you don’t, they’ll just keep bringing more.

Fingers crossed we’re hoping to return back to Germany’s Christmas markets in 2021.

German smokers

If reminiscing about the German beer halls and their entertaining oom-pah bands wasn’t enough for us, we picked up a couple of delightful wooden German smokers too.
Two Octoberfest Käthe Wohlfahrt ornamental smokers dressed in tradtional Bavarian costumes holding tradition German Steins.
Heidi & Helmut - our German alter-egos

We have a few Christmas themed smokers; however, when they are packed away, our two stein servers keep us company.
The kellner is traditionally dressed in his lederhosen and has a fetching moustache and the kellnerin in her dirndl, gripping the German beer steins and pretzels tightly for their thirsty customers.
You can never have too many steins or smokers.

Discover Germany

Take a peek at our other posts from our many road trips through Germany. These include Our Romantic Road, an itinerary for a German Christmas Market road-trip, Aachen and Münster, to mention a few.

German Biergarten

Those of you who follow our travels know we adore our road trips and love to experience the local culture. So, with the trusty chariot parked up for the day, what better way to relax after touring through the German countryside than in a delightful biergarten.
The entrance to the Gasthaus Löwenbräu Biergarten in Baden-Baden

The Löwenbräu Biergarten in Baden-Baden

On bright sunny days, whether it is spring or autumn, the dappled shade and cheerful surroundings in a German pub garden are always welcome.
So, grab your beer stein order a plate of traditional hearty German fare. It could be dumplings, cabbage and pork knuckle or a selection of bratwurst; you know you’re in for a treat.

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This article was produced for a campaign with CuckooClocks.com.

Inspired to get you own German Stein ?

Why not check out the impressive range on CuckooClocks.com.  There's go to be one that takes your fancy.
The Pin image for our post - 'Sharing memories over a German beer'
The Pin image for our post - 'Sharing memories over a German beer'

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