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Festive fun in the Moselle wine region of Germany

It’s Christmastime, and we’re heading back to Germany to explore more enchanting Christmas markets. Koblenz is a new location for us, so we can’t wait to see what this West German city has in store.

Koblenz was the second destination on our 2023 German Christmas Market road trip. We’d just spent two Christmassy days in the ancient city of Trier, and after Koblenz, we’re off to the cathedral city of Cologne for more Yuletide adventures.

Our Christmas Market road trip adventures always begin from Le Shuttle in Calais; we chose to drive via Luxembourg to Trier, which was around 289 miles (466km). Then, after leaving Trier, we followed the Moselle River wine route, visiting Cochem on the way to Koblenz.

We had 2 nights to explore the city of Koblenz, and our hotel, the Sander Hotel with underground parking was perfectly located on the edge of the Old City.

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So, after checking in, it was time to discover Koblenz’s Christmas markets.

Where is Koblenz?

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Exploring the first of Koblenz’s Christmas markets

Zentralplatz and Willi-Hörter-Platz

As soon as Gary and I strolled out of our hotel, we could see the Christmas market at Zentralplatz was in full swing, entertaining folk young and old.

We’d only just arrived in Koblenz, and the aroma of sticky, sugar-coated nuts was wafting through the Yuletide market, I had to restrain myself from buying some, although it was only a matter of time before I succumbed.

The illuminated star at the entrance to the zentralplatz christmas market in koblenz
Zentralplatz Christmas Market

Just a short amble towards the Altstadt, we could hear the fun and laughter of the next Christmas market in Koblenz, which was in Willi-Hörter-Platz and was also home to Koblenz’s Rathaus.

As I mentioned, Koblenz is located in the Moselle wine region of Germany; therefore, it goes without saying that they should have a Christmas courtyard market dedicated to the local tipple where you'll find the “SchaEngelbar”.

The ornate roof decoration of a food stall in the koblenz christmas market in Willi-Hörter-Platz
"SchaEngelbar" in Willi-Hörter-Platz
The ornate roof decoration of a food stall in the koblenz christmas market in Willi-Hörter-Platz
Sweet treats

At the "SchaEngelbar", you will be able to enjoy not only the traditional German glühwein but also the regional red and white wines served hot. I know it sounds a little unusual to serve a Chardonnay or Merlot hot, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Our philosophy is always ‘when in Rome’, so it would have been rude not to give them both a try, and yes, they were delicious.

The nativity scene with caved wooden figures in a small hut in willi-hörter-platz in the koblenz, germany
Nativity in the Town Hall courtyard
Just opposite the “SchaEngelbar" is another picturesque courtyard by the Rathaus, and within this tranquil garden, you’ll discover Koblenz’s Christmas nativity. Take a little stroll around the courtyard and relish an escape from the hustle and bustle beyond.

Christmas Market Visitor Information

For a bit more information on Koblenz’s Christmas markets, visit the Koblenzer Weihnachts Markt website. You’ll find some extremely useful tips and fun facts regarding the Christmas market.

Discovering 3 more of Koblenz’s Markets

Jesuitenplatz, Liebfrauenkirche and off to Görresplatz
On leaving the Rathaus, we stroll beneath a charming arch and gateway, that effortlessly guides us through into the Christmas Market at Jesuitenplatz.
A stream-train themed chestnut roaster in the jesuitenplatz christmas market in koblenz
Hot chestnuts in Jesuitenplatz
Jesuitenplatz is in the heart of Koblenz Altstadt and is one of the much-loved Christmas Markets in Koblenz. It has a lovely, warm atmosphere with its delightful twinkling carousel twirling, a charming festive train selling hot chestnuts and beautifully decorated wooden cabins offering a unique range of gifts.
crowds gathering at the christmas market stalls in koblenz's jesuitenplatz looking up at the giant advent calendar in the city's rathaus
 Koblenz’s largest advent calendar

Also, within the bustling Jesuitenplatz, you will find the city's largest advent calendar. Look skywards to the roof of the Baroque town hall, and you’ll spot 24 little dormer windows waiting to be illuminated as the days tick by.

Ensure you try a glass of the Koblenz local hot wine here too.

Two glühwein's on an oak barrel ourtside the Liebfrauenkirche in koblenz's christmas market
Liebfrauenkirche Glühwein

The smallest Christmas Market in Koblenz is nestled at the feet of Liebfrauenkirche. The charming little square has just a handful of wooden cabins offering local artisan gifts within welcoming and cosy surroundings.

We had a cheeky glühwein at the Liebfrauenkirche market, as I was feeling particularly chilly before we popped into the historic onion-domed church.

A miniature train running around the fountain in the centre of Görresplatz, part of koblenz's christmas markets

The Christmas village in Görresplatz is the youngest of Koblenz’s festive markets and is popular for families with small children. The illuminated white cabins encircling the ancient square are serving delicious treats for all.

And what’s even better is that there is a delightful miniature train chugging its way around the eye-catching historic monument. The excited little revellers love the train; it brings a smile to their faces.

Where to stay in Koblenz at Christmas

Sander Hotel

Our accommodation for the two nights in Koblenz was in the Sander Hotel; this hotel was in a perfect location, just on the edge of the Altstadt. Koblenz’s Christmas markets were just a short hop away.

The hotel had an on-site car park, and a daily charge was applied.

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Visiting Koblenzer Weihnachts Markt

Exploring Am Plan and Münzplatz
Koblenz’s Christmas Markets are wonderful to visit during the day; however, when the sun begins to set, the festive Yuletide cabins truly come alive. Especially the Christmas markets in Am Plan, which has been running for over 40 years and Münzplatz.
The entrance to am plan christmas market in koblenz at dusk, lined with stalls and the four-tier christmas pyramid taking centre stage.
Giant pyramid in Am Plan Christmas market
As we strolled into Am Plan’s historic square, we were greeted with Koblenz’s towering rotating pyramid. These delightful structures are incredible; I love them, they really bring charm to the market, and even better, there was a glühwein stall at the bottom of it. It would have been rude not to partake.
people choose their gingerbread from an illuminated and decorated stall in koblenz's am plan christmas market at dusk
Choosing your gingerbread

All through the market, festive tunes are playing. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Koblenz on a weekend, you’ll catch the local saxophonist high within the Christmas pyramid playing to the crowd below. It really gets you into the festive spirit.

To rest our weary feet one night, we chose to eat at Wirsthaus Alt Coblenz. The food was fantastic, and the atmosphere in the underground restaurant was even better.

crowds gathering in front of a foodstall in koblenz's münzplatz christmas market at night
Münzplatz Christmas market

The final Christmas market we visited in Koblenz was in Münzplatz, just a short hop from Am Plan.

Münzplatz is the largest square in Koblenz, and at Christmastime, it is alive with the hustle and bustle of a vibrant town square. In Münzplatz, there were plenty of festive cabins serving local food; you certainly weren’t going to go hungry here.

crowds gathering under the glühwein windmill in koblenz's münzplatz christmas market at night
Glühwein windmill in Münzplatz
A goblet of warm spiced beer and a wind glas of mulled wine on Koblenz's Christmas Markets
Glühbier & Koblenz hot wine
While many Yuletide stalls in Münzplatz were selling traditional Christmas gifts for friends and family, this bustling market also welcomed locals and tourists alike with open arms to indulge in bratwurst and glühwein.

Just a few points to note;

  • You need to book accommodation as soon as possible; these Christmas markets are very popular.
  • Although all the German Christmas markets are fantastic to visit during the day, they really come alive in the evenings, don’t miss it.
  • Be aware these markets become extremely busy at the weekends, particularly in the evenings. Children may feel a bit swamped with the crowds.
  • Dress warm and comfortable.
  • Germany’s Christmas markets are really for all ages; don’t be put off that it is all for children, it really isn’t. We are all big kids at heart.

Tourist Information

If you’re tempted to visit Koblenz, the local tourist office provides some extremely useful information and handy pointers for around the city.

If you’re looking to visit other Christmas markets in Germany, take a peek at our posts on Aachen, Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Münster, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and Stuttgart.

Exploring the city of Koblenz

Strolling the Rhine Promenade
The city of Koblenz is in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. It is nestled in an unusual location along the Moselle River, as it shares a confluence with the mighty Rhine.
A curved stone bench in front of the massive equestrian monument of William I at Deutsches Eck or German Corner in Koblenz at the confluence of the moselle and the rhine rivers
German Corner in Koblenz
This region of Germany is renowned for its wine, during this Christmas market road trip, we toured along the Moselle River wine route on our way to Koblenz. Snaking along the banks of the Moselle was beautiful, with rows and rows of gnarly vines stretching high across the rolling countryside.
The massive equestrian monument of William I at Deutsches Eck or German Corner in Koblenz at the confluence of the moselle and the rhine rivers
Deutsches Eck
During your visit to Koblenz, you must head down to where the two rivers converge, this spot is known as the Deutsches Eck “German Corner”. An enormous equestrian monument of William I, the first German Emperor, stands high on a plinth overlooking the confluence. The statute was erected in appreciation of his role in the unification of Germany.
The ehrenbreitstein fortress in koblenz set high on a rocky illuminated at night
The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

There’s plenty to admire along this stretch of the Rhine River; from here, you get an excellent view across the river of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. This section of the Rhine is the northernmost point of the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress sits on a rocky outcrop. It has been occupied by many fortifications over the centuries, including a Roman castle.

For Christmas, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress illuminates their picturesque gardens, which can be visited via a cable car. Tickets for the Christmas Garden Koblenz can be obtained in advance.

the basilica of saint castor, close to the german corner of koblenz
Basilica of St Castor

Also, by Deutsches Eck is the imposing Basilica of St Castor, which is the oldest preserved church in Koblenz and where the ground was first consecrated in 836. On 30th July 1991, Pope John Paul II raised the Kastor church to the status of basilica minor.

Adjacent to the Basilica is the Ludwig Museum, which is dedicated to contemporary art.

the old water gauge house on the banks of the river rhine in the city of koblenz
Pegelhaus, Water Gauge House

Take a little stroll further along the Rhine Promenade, and you’ll spot Pegelhaus, the old Water Gauge House. This delightful octagonal building was originally constructed as a Rhine crane in the 17th – century. It was used as a crane until 1839, and then it became a water gauge house.

Today, the charming building is now a restaurant where you can enjoy delightful views along the Rhine. Don’t miss the water gauge clock on the Pegelhaus; this is one of 22 gauges that measure the water level along the Rhine.

Discovering more of Koblenz

A city waiting to be explored

As we stroll back alongside the Moselle River, we come across the Alt Burg, which was a former electoral castle from the 13th – century. The castle was once encircled by a wide moat and a surrounding wall.

The Alte Burg has gone through many iterations, and today, it houses the Koblenz City archives.

The historic white riverside frontage of the alte burg in koblenz,with two of its white towers dominating the view
The Alte Burg, Koblenz
Strolling through the historic streets of Koblenz between the delightful Christmas markets ensure you keep a lookout for the Vier Türme, the four towers. These four beautiful houses in the middle of Altstadt intersect at Am Plan, Löhrstraße, Marktstraße and Altengraben.
the intricate facade of two of the vier türme in the centre of Koblenz
Two of the Vier Türme
Their ornate frontages were originally built in 1608. Unfortunately, only 80 years later, they were destroyed during the Palatinate War of Succession. They were restored in the late 1600s; however, three of the four were damaged once again during the Second World War; thankfully, they were renovated and repaired in 1960.
the intricate facade of two buildings on in the centre of Koblenz
Historic houses in Koblenz

While discovering Koblenz Old Town, ensure you seek out the delightful passageway of Kunstgässchen. This charming little lane is hidden between Münzplatz and the Liebfrauenkirche. Blink and you’ll miss it.

This tiny lane is full of quirky shops and bazaars, offering the shopper something a little different.

the entrance to the kunstgässchen shopping alley in the centre of koblenz
strolling along the covered kunstgässchen shopping alley in the centre of koblenz
Quirky lanes in Kunstgässchen
Exploring the Christmas Markets in Koblenz can easily distract you from the delightful statues and monuments dotted around the squares and lanes in this historic city.
A comic bronze statues of resche hennerich playing a drum in front of the christmas market in münzplatz, koblenz
Bronze statue of Resche Hennerich
A couple of lovely bronze statues we came across in Münzplatz were of the shoemaker Resche Hennerich, who lived in the second half of the 19th century. He loved to play pranks and was once arrested for marching through Koblenz, playing a military march on his drum.
A couple of comic bronze statues of policeman otto and market woman ringelstein in front of the christmas markets in münzplatz, koblenz
Policeman Otto & Market Woman Ringelstein

The other bronze statue was of Policeman Otto & Market Woman Ringelstein, which was created in memory of the vegetable market that once flourished in Münzplatz and the police officers who served in the local station.

Koblenz is a charming city to visit all year round; however, at Christmas time, you have the additional fun of the Christmas Markets.

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